Electric Ink

The best inks on the market

Manufactured in a pharmaceutical grade

195 different shades of colors

Electric Ink® is the first pigment in the world to be manufactured in a pharmaceutical grade facility opposed to a warehouse, with a GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) certification – a standard to which all pharmaceutical grade products are manufactured. This means we have our own development and quality control laboratoy settled inside our factory, testing for bacteria, fungus, germs, aromatic-amines, CMRs dyes, heavy metals, PAH’s, and of course, thickness, texture and color match. Also testing the quality of the air several times a day, and the water used to fabricate our inks goes through reverse osmosis, so that, any material and ions are removed giving us the confidance to say that we produce the safest tattoo pigment, with the best raw material available in the market today.

When tattooing or micro-pigmenting, all our disposables products, machinery and 195 different colors shades demonstrates this quality. Our intense tones, at first sight, remain very stable over the time, and by its tiny micron pigment it becomes very fluid and homogeneous, covering intensely since the first aplication, making it easier to mix tones, create formulations and blurs. All our inks come out of our factory well mixed, and although it reposes over by the time, with a little shaking they turn to be perfectly blended, extending its use in top conditions.

Try them and you’ll notice the difference and quality. You can find the full chart and products in www.electricink.eu.
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