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Love and passion

Our history

We respect tattoos

Ink on Sky was created at the end of 2013 with a group of 5 friends in the south of France (Hendaye) selflessly and with great enthusiasm. In April 2014, the first draft was released. A version mainly focused on tattoo shops. Our intention was to allow users to directly contact tattoo shops in a free and simple way.

Success was immediate. Thousands of tattoo shops registered in just a few weeks. However, a few months later, we realized that the reason for this success was the tattoo artists and not just the tattoo shops, so we created a second version of the project focused mainly on the artists.

This second version was more appreciated by artists. At the end of 2014, we became the first Google “tattoo artists" search result in Spain. This motivated us to expand to other countries. We positioned ourselves in Chile, Colombia, Venezuela or Mexico very easily. We also began to settle in England, Germany, Poland, Russia and the United States. Our national policy domains (,, ...) precipitated our position in new countries.

We stopped being a tattoo shops directory to became a social network of artists.Salbatore Munuera

In mid-December 2014, we created a third version of the project. We understood that it was necessary to provide tools for users to interact with each other. Things like favorites, followers or avatars were very well appreciated by users.

During early 2015, we focused on creating Ink Master section. This section is hightly supported by the best tattoo artists in the world. It is also during this period, that the community really kicked off.

We started to create tattoo artists rankings, publications prepared with months of work and consulting thousands of artists. The first ranking was of Spain 2015, easily surpassed one million users in just a few weeks. It was massively shared by all the selected artists. The volume of visits collapsed our servers 40 times in the first week, so we decided to switch to more powerful servers.

In January 2016, we released the fifth version of the project. We completely change the user interface, the logo of the community and various concepts of the system operation. We added concepts such as Masterpieces, based on a democratic system of internal vote. In February of the same year, we allowed all users to be part of the editors team after taking a small exam.

We are the web portal with the largest tattoo visits in Europe and South America.Laura Montes

The project is composed of more than 25 international websites. We are undoubtedly the most important, biggest and best technical quality per user in the Tattoo World.

We have artists from more than 80 countries. We are the first Google “tattoo artists” result in more than 20 countries. We have more than 16 million results in Google.

A project with awareness and responsibility


Clear ideas

The greatest value of Ink on Sky is its philosophy. Tattooing and the Internet have never got along. More than 90% of websites dedicated to tattoos, systematically engage in copying tattoos without respecting copyright. Even the major social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest ...) are an infinite source of tattoos in which no mention of the author appears.

We declare our hatred to all tattoo websites that don’t respect the copyright of the artists.Salbatore Munuera

Our philosophy is different. We have built a space where respect for the artists is fundamental. In our community, there is no tattoo that is not associated with an artist or shop. All artists are absolute and eternal owners of everything published in the community.

A large majority of tattoo communities require fees. Our way of business allows us to offer a completely free community. The project is maintained by donations from users and the different brands that sponsor the project.

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