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The LACEnano brushless motor magnetic drive rotary is the lightest tattoo machine ever built. It weighs in at only 46g/1.6oz. It is fully autoclavable including the motor and completely maintenance free. Yes, that means no lubrication needed. Both the stroke and hit are independently and steplessly adjustable. The hit goes from from rock solid to feather soft. It’s an all-rounder and is machined from a solid block of airgrade aluminium.

We developed it for a long time with some of the best tattoo artists in the world to work out all the quirks. We are getting raving reviews both from traditional coil machine users that can appreciate the fact that there is finally a rotary that feels like a coil because it has the exact same magnetic give as a coil as well as rotary users that love the power of the LACEnano because it’s 40w brushless motor (other rotaries are between 5w and 10w) will push any size needle you throw at it but it still manages to remain the lightest machine in the world.

Finally; experienced artists with many years under their belt and even more in their carpal tunnel love it because it lets them do long sessions again, something that just isn’t possible with a heavy machine and nerve damage.

But first and foremost; we put our artists first and treat them as family. We pride ourselves in our super-fast customer service and no-bullshit lifetime care package that you get with anything you buy from us. If you’re not happy we’re not happy. That’s why we build one of the best machines out there.
Opinions of Pro-Team

Dmitry Kharlashin

Russia, Saint PetersburgI was very impressed with the versatility of LACEnano tattoo machines!

Petja Evlogieva

BulgariaI really liked the design of the LACEnano the first time I saw it. But I was even more delighted by how nice it was to work with it. I like to put a lot of color into my tattoos and I use the LACEnano mainly for color packing.

Fernando Madeira

BrazilThe design of the LACEnano caught my eye the first time I saw it. Then I was delighted when I read it weighs only 45g.

Mike Johnson

GermanyThe magnetic drive like on the Lace brings the traditional tattooing to a new level. With this machine you have the feel of an traditional Coil machine, but fast like a Rotary.

Ian Parkin

United KingdomI like the LaceNano for its versatility in being able to hit hard and slow soft and slow hard and fast soft and fast. i can make it do anything i want.
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